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Kelvin Nguyen


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Одесская обл., Украина



Hi ! :) Im Tuan Anh !! But everybody call me Kelvin Nguyen and I prefer second one more. :))
So if you are here, i guess you interested in my personality. Lets do it !
First of all, Im friendly, talkative. Every day trying make friends when it possible, meet people and talk with them. Its cool !! :)
Secondly, Take photo and record movie, short clip - its Amazing thing for me. By art im trying open myself, get new feelings, improve my creativity !! :) Taking photo Its the best way to record your moment and sign that " Here youre, in this world ! " Every thing i do in art - is get Amazing feelings from work and trying to bring something beauty and memorable in peoples life.
For a photographer anything can take photo - its tool !! And im always trying go by this way. :) As the famous photographer Chase Jarvis ever said " The Best Camera Is At Your Home " - haha Im kidding here is it true one " The Best Camera Is The One Thats With You" - yes and its true if you shoot lots of you can see the sentence make sense. !! :)
In third - I was born in one of adorable place in the world is Ukraine, Odessa city. :) And Yes, dont ask me :) - my parents both Vietnamese !! :) Also i have a little sister. :D
In conclusion, I like sport, cooking, taking photo, listen music and read books - Im every day trying to know something new and improve my knowledge !! Its important for me !!
Like Cook, Can Cook but Im do it Rarely ! By one reason - Im lazy to clean up, after my perfomance. :D
Sport all kind of - everything play a little. Music any I like it, but most of classic, pop, classic rock - at the last time. So you are coming at the end of My Story - Congratulate You. !! :) If you would like to know me better, just write in my Fb, i will try to reply you as soon as possible. Thank you !!


на данный момент проживаю в Сайгоне, во Вьетнаме

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